Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Girl of The Year 2013: Meet Saige!

Hello, lovely readers of my blog! :) 

I have a quick post to make about AG's Girl of The Year 2013, Saige.

And here she is! According to her story, I do not think this is what Miss Saige should look like...Saige is described as having a Hispanic background. I wish AG had made her look a little bit more cultural. When I read about her, my prediction was that she was going to have a Josefina face mold, medium skin, brown or dark green eyes, and dark brown hair with bangs. This sounds similar to basilmentos's prediction, right? I really wish she did look like that, because then I would consider getting her!  I don't know if many of you notice, but does she look somewhat like Nicki, GOTY 2007? Saige has blue eyes, freckles, and I guess you could say auburn, sort of brown hair which comes in a braid. Nicki had blue eyes and freckles too, but curly, more so dirty blonde hair. I don't know...They just look similar to me. :P  basilmentos also pointed out that she looks a little like Felicity! I agree, she has similar hair coloring to Felicity's which is another reason why I do not plan on purchasing Saige. OH! And a LOT like #23! They could be twins! What I simply ADORE about this doll however, is her darling meet outfit! It is so sweet!                                 


Here is a closer photo of Saige's face, and if you can notice, she has pierced ears! That is another thing I like about her too. :) Overall, I think Saige is a beautiful, sweet doll, that will definitely sell well in 2013! But, she's just not for me. I wish she looked like my prediction, if so, I would have definitely purchased her! It would be nice if AG would make some more cultural dolls, maybe a middle eastern girl! Something different would be so lovely in the GOTY collection!

These are my opinions, I am not trying to offend any of your opinions, we all think differently about AG dolls! :) 

What are your opinions on Saige? Do you plan on purchasing her next year? Let me know in the comments! 

I give credit to dolldiaries.com and American Girl for the photograph.


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  1. I agree! but i also think she looks like MAG #23!
    Its sky BTW.. being me i was just too lazy to sign into my blog account xD hehe..
    I just replied to your PM! :)
    ~ Sky

    1. I added #23 to this post. :)
      Bahaha, Sky, Sky, Sky. xD

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you Lauren! She looks Like a mix of #23, Nicki and Felicity! I wish she looked like your prediction... She would be MUCH more original! I tink that she is ADORABLE though, and since I don't have Nicki, or Felicity, I may consider her, but right now I. NEED. MIA. I also LOVE her meet outfit! And the pierced ears are cute too. ;)
    So overall I'd give her a 6 1/2 out of 10.

    1. I agree!
      I added #23 to the post as well, I can't believe I forgot HER! XD

  3. This is a great review and your blog is beautiful, btw!

  4. I will admit she is very pretty...just not very unique :/

  5. I personally think that she is soooooo cute but she looks a little like felicity. I love your blog and I followed it :))