Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hello readers of my blog!

...The might be like, "OH MY GOSH, WHAT HAPPENED? D:" Well, I'll tell you.

So...I kind of lost my SD card (memory card)...and without an SD card...I can't film...yes, it is a crisis to me. Filming is my life besides school, homework, studying, projects, family, friends, etc. All that stuff listed comes first, (friends on occasion, sometimes I turn down plans purposely because I need to film! I do it for you guys because you're important too!)

I have been searching for this thing for the past 2 hours now, still no luck...I am literally going to break down, crawl into a ball and start rocking back and forth... o.o GAH! WHY DID THIS NEED TO HAPPEN?!?!  I have a HUGE video schedule to complete within the next week, although my personal schedule is packed due to Thanksgiving, I've got to be with my family of course! I am so grateful for all of you though, too. :) This SD disappearance is ruining my plans! -_-

Ugh, I am so sorry about Lost in Los Angeles...I'm trying my best to get it edited, but I'm having technical difficulties with some of the scenes...(long story) I cannot make promises on when it will be of now, I don't know when anything is going to be posted... :/

I am not giving up yet! I will continue to search for my SD card until I find it! If I still have no luck...then I might need to make a trip to Target this weekend and pick up a new one. :/

Another thing, busyness has been taking over my entire life as has been more stressful than I imagined, it is incredibly hard too...I am in 6 AP classes this year! The work is unbelievable, tests are difficult, exams are coming up too...and then there's spending time with family and friends too. I'm not going to abandon people in my home life just for YouTube...I hate how some people demand so much of you, they think YouTube is your whole life, like you just sit around on your butt all day on the computer. I'm sorry, but it is not. Personal life comes before my YouTube life, school especially.

I still love all of my supporters, and I'm working on getting videos made! I have a couple that are nearly done, but I have TONS of filming to do before my head explodes due to the amount of requests I receive... o.o

I am so sorry about the inconvenience, I really do not know how this happened...and before someone asks, yes, I did check inside of my camera, camera case, my entire room, etc. I bet when I go out and buy a new SD card this weekend, my old one will just magically appear out of nowhere. xD It's always good to have a spare though!

Thanks for reading and understanding! :)

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  1. omg i would die if i lost mine even though i dont use it! -AGANDWACKYVIDEOS

  2. Ahh Lauren, I've done that many times...xDD
    It SOOO annoying!
    Good Luck in school,
    School and life comes first, AGTube is just an extra hobby, and some people just don't understand that....

  3. Wow Lauren you're so busy! Hmmm possibly your SD card is in your computer. Check your camera bag! I lost my lens I'm hunting for that as well :P so responsible I know but I swear that thing has legs & just walks away! Your SD card probably did the same xD

    1. Jennifer has a bloggy blog? :O LAUREN MUST SEE! :D
      I've checked in all those places... :$
      Bahaha, I know right! xD

  4. I love your blog! Very Christmas-y Lol :)