Thursday, September 6, 2012

School, New Video Schedule, Updates

Hey, everyone! 

Before I begin, I hope you took notice to my COMPLETELY REDONE BLOG! :D New banner, background, fonts, layout, links, polls, and MORE! I spent a REALLY long time on everything last night, so I really hope you like it! :) 

Now, on with the subject of this post; School. Oh, the dreaded word. Unfortunately, I am back in school, and this year it's going to be really difficult. :\ 
I am in all advanced classes with very high expectations. This means the following: More homework, harder tests and quizzes, lots of studying, lots of projects, and more. My teachers this year really need us to work extra hard, keep up our grades, and be on top of everything. 

I also participate in track after school. Track & Field starts at 3 PM and ends at 5 PM. By that time, I am drowning in homework, then studying, then reading, etc. I also have to babysit and earn hours in Community Service. 
With that being said, I rarely have any time to sit down and film or edit videos. The weekends I will reserve for my friends and family and time away from school. You might be asking, "Um...Lauren? When are you ever going to post videos!?!?" To answer your question, I will post during the weekends. Now sometimes, I will reserve my weekends for video making and uploading! :D I hope to at least have something posted once a week, however this may extend to two weeks if I'm extremely busy. :) 

2,OOO Subscribers? :D Here's the deal, I have big plans for 2,OOO and my goal is to reach it by December if possible. It would REALLY mean a lot to me if I can reach this goal by December. :) 

I think I am done rambling for now, so if you read this far, comment your thoughts about this post and what you think of my new blog design! :D I don't want comments like, "I LOVE YOUR BLOG DESIGN!" And not a word about this post, because I REALLY need to know that you read this entire post. 



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  1. nice new blog design! super cute!!

    schools busy for me too. i had a 100 point test
    today :P and another quiz to top it all off and another quiz the day before and not too mention 5 pages of HW :P anyways can't wait for flash of the paegents again!!

  2. I think your blog design is great! The colors look so nice together.
    I know what you mean. I have a LOT of harder work this year so I can't make videos as often, either! Don't feel pressured to upload videos onto your channel, though, just make videos when you want to.
    All of those videos sound great! I love any kind of video that you make. :)
    I hope you get 2,000 by December!!!! You definitely deserve it.


  3. your blog design screams Bright and Awesome!
    i hope the maybe turns into a yes for the new series! :) and i hope you get 2,000 by december, my goal is 2,000 by my birthday (october 8th) i dont think taht will happen, but a girl can dream!
    i hope you do well in your classes this year, madisson

  4. Can't wait for your new videos and such!
    I don't hope you get 2,000 by December,

  5. I LOVE the new design ^_^
    Yeah :/ School >.<
    But don't worry!
    We all feel the same way!
    Can't wait for new videos!

  6. your new design is so pretty!
    YOU NEED 2,000 NOWWW! xD