Frequently Asked Questions

{Frequently Asked Questions} 
Please read this before asking me a question. 

1) What camera do you use? 
Answer: I use a Canon camera for videos, as well as photography. Please remember that it's not the camera that matters, it's the photographer. :) 

2) What editing system do you use? 
Answer: I use iMovie '11.

3) How many dolls do you have? 
Answer: I currently own 12 AG dolls. I know, it sounds like a lot, but I payed for nearly all of them with my own money. 

4) Can you subscribe to me? / Subbed! Sub back? / Sub4Sub? 
Answer: I'm sorry, but no. I do not subscribe to people who ask me to. I feel as if that it is an unfair way to earn subscribers. I believe people should earn subscribers through hard work and effort, not just by asking others. 

5) Who is your favorite AG doll?
Answer: That's such a difficult question! I can't decide, there's too many!

6) How old are you?
Answer: I don't share my age with AGTube, sorry. 

7) Can I send you a package? A Letter? 
Answer: What a sweet offering! I really appreciate that you are a supportive viewer, and would like to send me something, however I cannot give out my address, and I do not have a P.O. box, sorry! 

8) Can you join my collab? / Can you enter my contest? 
Answer: I'm sorry, but I am far too busy to be apart of any weekly collaboration channels. I will enter contests I want to enter, not the ones you tell me to enter.

9) Do you recommend ____________? 
Answer: Of course! Why would I own an item if I didn't recommend it? :)

More questions for americangirlrox11? Ask her on Formspring and she will gladly answer any questions for you! :D