Meet the Dolls!


My Lovely Doll Actresses:

 {An AG Collector Since 2000}

Kaitlyn [Kit]: Historical, 1934 

Personality: Although she would rather have brothers than sisters, Kit still has a soft side. She is the tomboy of the family, she loves to play soccer, softball, basketball, tennis, and more! She enjoys messing with her sisters, playing pranks, and telling jokes! Kit isn't really into starring in the americangirlrox11 studios videos, she hates to get dressed up fancy, hates memorizing lines, and isn't fond of acting. Kit was re-named Kaitlyn, though she finds it too girly, she prefers Kit. 

Jamie: AGT #7

Personality: Jamie is the complete opposite of Kit! Jamie adores anything girly, fashionable, sparkly or pink! Jamie is on the quiet side, though she loves to show off her unique, fashionable outfit choices to her sisters! She dreams of moving to New York City when she's older. She would LOVE to open her own fashion line, her style is just fabulous! Jamie is also an extremely talented dancer; she takes ballet, tap, lyrical, acro, jazz, and hip-hop! 

Raelyn: JLY #44

Personality: Raelyn is just your usual, loud, hilarious, Italian girl! She is a gifted storyteller, if you need to have someone tell you about a story or event that happened, she's your girl! Raelyn tends to act like a diva sometimes, enjoys being dramatic and having the spotlight on her. She is known to never stop talking, once you get her going, don't expect her to stop! 

Felicity: Historical, 1774 

Personality: Felicity is the mommy of the family, not literally of course, but she certainly acts like one. Felicity is known to yell at her sisters a lot...she is very outspoken and always has to get her word into everything. Despite her outspokenness, Felicity is extremely proper and elegant, however she can be really bubbly and fun loving at times! She certainly is a people person, and can get along with almost anyone.

Juliette [Julie]: Historical, 1974 

Personality: Julie has a sassy, diva attitude! Julie loves to be wherever the attention is. She loves dressing up, and has to look perfect at all times. Although she sounds like total diva, she is really outgoing and hilarious too! Julie is quite difficult to get along with when you first meet her, but once she warms up to you, you'll never want to leave her side! Julie was re-named Juliette, but she goes by Julie.

Kanani: GOTY 2011
Personality: Kanani is a loveable, Hawaiian girl! She is very sweet to all of her sisters, and is very easy to get along with. Kanani will always be there for you if you're hurt or upset, she is very comforting, sympathetic, and understanding. She is an excellent secret keeper as well! You can tell her anything, she will never tell a soul. Kanani is a total beach girl, she grew up in Hawaii, and is known to spread the "Aloha Spirit"! 

Savannah: MAG #55
Personality: Savannah is extremely loud, funny, carefree, sarcastic, and definitely a prankster! Kit is her partner for pranking. Savannah tends to interrupt people because she always has something to say, she is considered very obnoxious and tends to not take anything seriously. Savannah enjoys her personality though, she likes to stand out in the crowd! 

Cécile: Historical, 1853 

Personality: Cécile is just full of energy! She is very daring, adventurous and not afraid to try new things. Cécile is very elegant, but certainly not shy! She loves to make new friends, and is very outgoing and loving. 

Marie-Grace: Historical, 1853
Personality: Marie-Grace is a shy, quiet, polite girl. She does not like to talk much or share her opinions. Marie-Grace is very spirited and kind too, she always thinks positive and tries her best to be confident. She loves to read, write fictional stories, and learning new things!

McKenna: GOTY 2012 
Personality: McKenna is really bubbly, talkative, outgoing, and funny! She is a young, talented gymnast with high hopes for a wonderful future. McKenna certainly gets along with all of her sisters, especially Julie! Because of Julie, McKenna has developed a bit of a sassy, diva side to her too...but she loves to have fun and share stories! 

April: MAG #37 
Personality: April is a very kind, good-hearted girl. She is very friendly and loves to meet new people! You can always count on her to be your friend! April is the oldest out of all her sisters and it gets hard sometimes. However, April does have a lot to say at times, she certainly speaks her mind and shares her true feelings and opinions. 

Ivy: Historical, 1974 
Personality: Ivy is a sweet, intelligent, fun loving girl! She is really outgoing, and will be wherever the fun is! Ivy is always open to new things and is an excellent secret-keeper, like Kanani! Ivy loves to do gymnastics with McKenna too! She is always open to help someone if they need it, she is very kind and soft spoken.