Friday, August 24, 2012

What's Been The Deal?

Videos...what IS The Deal? Where are they? When will I make more? Well, the answer is, as soon as I can. Things have been a bit hectic lately...I have been incredibly busy and I have not had the time. I am squeezing in as much time as I can for my Summer 2O12 Movie, (it's been a terrible experience so far. -_-) and I don't think I will post a trailer...I think I am just going to release Part 1 whenever I want. It is saved in 1080p HD and ready to upload! I am having some issues with Part 2, and Part 3 hasn't even been filmed yet! :( Please, just hang in there, it will be here before you know it. As far as other videos go, I do have a few stop motions and music videos planned! :D Stop motions and music videos really seem to attract viewers and subscribers, so maybe I can earn a few new ones! I mean come on, look how successful my Cry AGMV was, over 8,OOO views!?!? I can not believe it, that is honor for me!! Thank you so much! :D So hopefully, I will have those made soon! (once I get the movie out of the way of course)

Here's another topic; School. That dreaded word. I really wish I didn't have to go back, but I do...just like everyone else. I am not in school yet, though I will be starting soon. :( School means less frequent videos...but I will get into that on my next upcoming blog post. (it explains video schedules, my schedule, etc.) 

Another thing A TON of people have been bombarding me with questions about is; Flash of The Pageants. Where is the next episode? When is the next episode? Are you finishing this series? What happens next? MAKE EPISODE 8 ALREADY!!!! That is just the BEGINNING of the annoying questions I get almost every day. Here is the answer; I WILL in fact, be FINISHING Flash of The Pageants. The reason I never posted episode 8 is because, I was taking a break from making that series. They are the most stressful videos to make. It takes me a while to put together a new episode, so I just got sick of it and took a break. Flash of The Pageants will resume sometime in October. So you will just have to wait! If you guys knew what I have to go through to make an episode, you would see why I hate making them so much! Please, just hold tight. 

Once school starts I will be posting on Fridays, (after school) Saturdays, and Sundays. I will probably be making the following; Flash of The Pageants, Stop motions, Photo shoots, Skits, etc. Movies...I will hold off until the Summer. :) 
I will try to post once a week, sometimes once every two weeks, depending on how busy I am. I am extremely busy during the school year and I will rarely be on. 

Okay, I think I am done! XD You probably hate me right now for making you read all that...Ouch. :P 

ALSO: I am thinking of re-doing my entire blog, I've always hated my banner...xD 

If you read this far, comment your feedback. Do you hate me? Probably! xD I am sorry! 


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  1. it's totally fine! i understand what your going though with flash of the pageants, i feel the same way in my series! i don't hate you!

  2. It's okay! Don't stress over it! :D
    We love you and could NEVER hate you!
    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  3. yes Lauren. I hate you. thats why your one of my bessst friends xD
    GIRLY! we don't hate you! I am super busy too so i know how you feel! <3
    ~ Sky

  4. Of course I don't Lauren! Why would anyone hate you? I understand with the series, because I've you through 3 series' without even getting halfway through them... I just never really liked them and I always had to force myself to make them. -_-
    So I just stopped making them. But it's different for you because you have over 1,000 people who watch your videos! So It's harder to convince them so they don't get mad at you.

    But Why do YOU think you have 1,000 subbers, If we all hated you? Why would WE subscribe to you if WE hated you and your videos? That just wouldn't make sense! We ♥ you Lauren, and your videos. And we won't ever change that.
    P.S I like reading Loooong blog posts when I'm bored....XD

  5. ah yes. SCHOOL. I think my posting video-schedule is the same as yours.:P school,soccer, and band will take over my life. Dx
    I know, i get the most views on Stopmotions and AGMVs and i'm like:" Well i think i should do more of those!" XD
    I can't wait for your new summer movie too!

  6. we don't hate you!
    School. UGHHH it takes over everthing :/
    take your time with videos(:

  7. I COULD NEVER HATE YOU!!!! Seriously Lauren, I love watching your videos! Oh yes and school. I definently feel like I won't have time to make videos. Oh well! Lauren, you are awesome. Rember that.

  8. I will never hate you! Take your time, we all know how much school takes :/ and all love your videos! x

  9. I Love Your Videos! And I could never hate you! My school is probably a lot different than your school because our teacher gives us like 30-1 hr to work on our assigned, so we won't have to do it at home and we have an enhancement where you can finish up the work that you couldn't finish in class so, that's like another hour. But school is tiring sometimes, but I'm actually excited for school to start this year.