Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Summer


Been a while since I've used this ol' blog, huh?

Anyways, as far as updates go, I have a few! This summer, I've decided to stay more organized with my videos. I keep a "To Do" list of videos I have to make in the notes section of my phone. I basically just listed all of the videos I plan to make, once I make a video, I put a check next to it. I will keep the same list until every video has been checked off, then I erase it and make a new list! Little helpful way to stay organized, in case you want to do that too. ;) So far I only checked off one of those videos, (which is currently being edited) and I have plenty more coming!

I got out of school last Friday! Except I took exams this week, which wasn't bad because I only went in for the first two hours and came home after that. I took my last final today, right on the summer solstice! I couldn't be more relieved either, now I can finally start making videos again. It's been a long, stressful school year, and I'm glad it's over. I have also felt happier too, which is nice to hear, because you know I felt very sad for many months...I think it's because summer is here, and I'm less stressed now. So yay for happy Lauren again!

On another note, my birthday is this Tuesday, and no, I'm not getting a new doll, or anything from AG. I honestly don't want anything from American Girl at the moment, but hey, maybe I'll order some new things with birthday money in the future! And guess what? I still want a boy doll. I've been asked a lot if I want more dolls, and my response has been no, because I don't. Do I want a boy? Sure, I'll take a boy any day! xD I've tried searching around on eBay in hope to find what I'm looking for, but I haven't had much success...I'm hoping I can at least get one at some point in the summer, but we'll just have to see.

Thanks for reading, happy summer 2013! :D

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  1. Yay Happy Lauren! I will try that!
    Ugh. Editing! Hey, It is worth it! A BOY DOLL?!
    OMG I hope you find what your looking for!
    Lucky! I have 2 and a half days! At least they are just parties xD ~Bianca (AKA Kittyagz from IG and animalaglover345 from YT :D)

  2. Whoo yay Lauren's happy! ;D
    Happy summer! My school still hasn't ended. -_-
    Oooh a boy doll Lauren?

  3. YAAAAAY HAPPY LAUREN! And YAY for summer! I might make a boy doll sometime too, I've gotten him all planned out ;D Happy early birthday! :D

  4. Happy birthday Lauren! Sorry it's late...Oh well xD
    I'm so glad your happy again! Yay!
    Happy summer! Can't wait too see what your editing!