Sunday, February 3, 2013

Exciting News, Changes, a MUST READ Post!


I miss blogging! I feel like I never do it anymore...Anyways, I have some news / updates to talk about in this post.

First off, I have been really thinking of new ways to re-desgin my doll room. If you guys have noticed in my videos, I have a doll room that's just all spread out on the floor, none of my dolls have their own bedrooms, etc. It's just a small, crammed, little place in a corner in my room. It's been a dream of mine to get some sort of shelves in my room so I can make individual rooms for all of my dolls, something like basilmentos' or Agpals' dollhouse! Unfortunately, I cannot do this in my closet (believe me, I would have already done it if I could) because my closet doesn't have shelves, it's really small, and it has a clothing rack for my clothes, and a VERY small bottom part, which is where I store all of my dolls' shoes, clothes, accessories, additional furniture, etc. So obviously, there is absolutely no room for a dollhouse in there. xD I'm not so sure that the whole 'shelf' thing is ever going to happen, due to lack of space in my tiny room. I personally think it would make my room look neater, rather than having beds and furniture spread out on the floor...I would also consider doing something like girloftheyearstudios' new design too, problem there, NO SPACE. I am thinking of removing the stack of boxes I have in my room, which was supposed to be a couch for my dolls by replacing it with this:

Kit's Bed & Quilt Set! I never was a huge fan of this bed, but I've started to really like it a lot more, considering that my walls are lime green! I think it would match nicely, and what I especially love, is that it extends out in a double bed! It is $94 though...and I'm going to work hard to save for it, not sure how long that's going to take, but I can try! I manage to save for new dolls, so I'm sure I can do this! I already have a spot for it, I just need to make sure it's not too big and overpowering right by Julie's bed, because I own that too, and it may be a tad bit cluttered looking...I can always replace the Our Generation Day Bed by Julie's bed and put Kit's bed where that one currently is...Well, enough about my doll room. I will probably post something on here, or on YouTube saying if I ever ordered Kit's Bed. Again, don't be expecting a specific time, because I'm not sure how long it will take me to save, since I'm pretty low on cash right now...

More news...I got into AGMA! :D If you do not know what AGMA is, it stands for American Girl Modeling Academy, here's the link to their channel, where you can read more about it to learn what it is: Click Here Savannah and I are very excited to be apart of this competition! It truly is an honor for us, being that there were 175 total auditions! Only 25 people were chosen, and everyone who got in are all superb photographers! I have some ideas in mind for our first assignment, and I'm so thrilled to get working on it!

Next, I realize I still owe you guys a couple videos...I'm working on them...My editor still won't cooperate with Part 3 of Lost in Los Angeles, I have to re-film it, and Find Me is still being edited, and Flash of The Pageants Episode 8 will be coming soon too. Again, I don't know when, and you guys are most likely ready to jam a fork in my shoulder...but I'm doing everything I can. I've had very little filming and editing time these days, and with AGMA starting, the assignments will be my top priorities to get done.  Please don't kill me...I'm only human, I'm just one person trying to do a lot more than I can handle. Please be understanding, and don't yell at me. Nobody likes that! It just makes the person feel worse, and makes them feel more pressure and stress.

Good news is that I took the last exam of the semester on Friday! That means we have officially started our second semester! With that being said, that does not mean my busyness is going to let up. In fact, I'm going to be much more busy than I already am. Starting at the end of March until June, I am going to be rejoining my school's Track & Field team, like I did last year. Ahhh, more disappointments! D: I feel like I'm always bringing you disappointing news...but I have to be honest. With the track season starting soon, I'll be coming home at 5 o'clock everyday after school...actually a bit later if you add in the amount of time it takes me to get home (I live far from my school). And on days when I have meets, I'll be getting home around 7 to 7:30, possibly even 8 o'clock! Meets take a long time, and only start at about 4:30, and sometimes get delayed. I remember last year getting home that late on days I had meets. But hey, just be grateful that I'm only interested in my school's spring sports, and not their fall and winter sports too! Then I'd be CRAZY busy all year round! (minus summer) Plus I get to be a team captain this year, because my coach really liked me and promised me a spot. Believe me, he hasn't forgotten, he asked me during gym if I was joining again, including a bunch of other girls too. We had a great team last year, and only lost 2 meets out of 12, so he is hoping for us all to rejoin!

I think that's everything that needed to be shared, thanks for reading! Comment your thoughts on Kit's Bed, and all of the other things I mentioned. xD

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  1. Maybe you can find a cheaper Kit's bed on eBay.

    1. I'm not much of an eBay person...
      I don't exactly trust it, even if it's 'new'.
      I'm not into the whole bidding thing either, and all of the Buy It Now beds would definitely cost more than AG's price when you add shipping... :\
      I'll stick to AG.

  2. My room is really small too!!! I barely have room for my dolls... Lol! :D I have always wanted Kit's bed too, it's just so expensive! I usually make my doll beds! :D Awww, it's okay. Everyone is really busy at some point in their life, and don't worry, we won't be mad at all. :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE Kits bed. But It's like you said WAY too expensive.. Oh welll...
    Congrats on getting into AGMA! You are an AMAZING photographer. <3
    Yeah.. I have shelves in my closet. but my doll room are like 5 inches.. okay maybe not THAT small but really small cause it only takes up half of my closet. xP
    I totally understand! Everyone's busy at this time of year.

  4. It's ok ur too awesome to get mad at!

  5. Haha, I always love your blog posts! They're so long and detailed, I love that kind of stuff! :D Haha, well, I totally think that you should get that bed. It looks kinda cheap on the website, but in person, it's adorable! My friend actually has it, it's super realistic, I want it for myself! And the bedding is just darling. :D Haha and I can't wait for the new videos! :)

  6. Woah Lauren sounds like you're busy! Good luck with track & your doll room! I sort of like the "speak out" look to a doll room. It honestly makes it look more real! But then again a doll house is more convenient when it comes to storage...xD